Hey All! 

Thank you so much for finding my site. I'm Mo, your friendly local ShredDealer. Ive been riding for more years than I care to admit and had almost every job you can think of to feed my addiction. Over the years, I have been a shop kid, boot fitter, driver, chalet boy, toilet cleaner, bar staff, instructor, park shaper, resort guide, technician and some others to boot. I have worked all over the world  and ride as much as I can to this day. Hopefully I always will. 

I'm constantly on the hunt for amazing deals on great snowboarding gear and know there are lots of fellow riders who do the same. I thought it would be a great service to curate the huge amount of deals out there in one place. Over the years I have accumulated knowledge I would like to share to help you all get the best deals on highly rated snowboarding gear. Let me do the searching for you!

There are some affiliate links from which I do make a small cut. This is to help me run the site.  However, I would never list an item that I have not used personally or has been thoroughly reviewed elsewhere. The quality control in the curation of the listings, I take very, very seriously. So many "deals" just don't make the cut. Just because it is a good deal does not mean it is good gear, right?

I hope you enjoy my site and please do get in touch with questions and help you out! 


You can contact me on Mo@Shreddeal.com and the Social Media sites below. If you need to call me, email me first to ask for my number. Everyone needs a friendly local ShredDealer! 

Business Address:

Dr Mo KH


100 Saint Chad's Road

Derby, England